Reasons To Choose Reality
Just a few things that put Reality above the competition:

  • Active Development: With our persistent and ongoing improvements we aim to keep our technology, and your product, above the competition. We actively release new features and improvements every month while maintaining a stable, modular and backwards-compatible framework for development. Our development efforts are tailored to meet our clients growing needs, allowing them to focus on production rather than having to worry about the underlying technology.

  • Artistic Pipeline: No CSG, no BSP, no leaks, no vis, no portals, no manual occluder placement, no topology restrictions. Artists create geometry in Max and Maya, meaning you can focus on hiring top quality artists to create your core scene geometry without worrying whether they know the ins and outs of geometry restrictions placed by most other engines. Your core level designers get a fully WYSIWYG environment for all their development, and can play the level within the editor with one button click.

  • Multi-Generation: If you are about to begin production or pre-production a typical schedule may take 18 months or longer. If you choose a current-generation engine your product will be showing it's age by the time you release. Your development team could work hard to add new features to keep on the cutting-edge, or you could leave the hard work to us and license a platform designed for current generation and next generation titles.

  • Multi-Platform: While our immediate focus is on our DirectX PC & Xbox renderering pipeline, reality's codebase is modular and platform independent. Through the cross-platform Mono compiler we can support C# on multiple platforms, including next generation consoles.

  • XNA: Reality puts heavy emphasis on exploiting the capabilities of DirectX9, including Microsoft's new XNA platform. This gives us a distinct advantage over engines designed for OpenGL, DirectX8, Playstation, or Gamecube where these features cannot be used. In the increasingly competitive world of 3D rendering and simulation would you rather have the full support of all Microsoft's tools and technology, or go it alone hoping to keep up? XNA provides a seamless API and tool set for Xbox and PC development. XNA Home.

  • C#: Our entire game framework is in C# for maximum flexibility, yet the engine remains in C++ for maximum performance and compatibility. If youíve used C# then you know how awesome it is. If you havenít, here are some hinters: Almost instant compile times, automatic memory management, heavy IDE integration and intellisense, an industry-standard language you can easily hire people to use, a massive support library already out there for game-related functionality, proper debugging facilities (unlike most scripting languages), and a built-in compiler allowing artists or anyone else to edit scripts in notepad and run the game.

  • .NET 2.0: Microsoft's .NET 2.0 platform has allowed us to unlock the potential of our powerful and flexible level editing tools as well as our flexible programming framework. Among them is the property editors for C# scripts. Once youíve written a C# script all its parameters become configurable at runtime in Reality Builder and will be automatically serialized to file. .NET2 also has a host of GUI systems we have integrated into Reality Builder, and a powerful new version of C++/CLI to bridge the gap between our C# and C++ components seamlessly. Visual Basic.NET can also be used.

  • PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer): This is realtime radiosity. Itís exactly what lightmapping does for you, with all the soft shadows, subsurface scattering, and interreflections, except itís in realtime. Itís revolutionary. Check out our Backyard video to see it in action. We believe we have the most robust PRT implementation of any engine available to date.

  • Networking and AI: High performance networking automatically synchronizes core World state, and is easy to extend to custom object states. Adaptive degradation and per-Client replication ensures that Clients only know what they need to know. A robust server-side Artificial Intelligence system, implemented in easy-to-write script, to power anything from FPS bots to racing vehicles.

  • Cost: Compare Reality to the engines here. Our pricing undercuts all these solutions.


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