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The Reality Engine is a true next-generation toolset for developing cutting edge games and visual simulations. The growing demands on artists and programmers must be met with more efficient pipelines and tools that can make the most of your time and resources to meet demanding schedules.

If your studio is about to embark on a new project, you have limited technology choices. You could build your own technology, but the man-hours will set you back in time and costs more than you'd ever pay to license. Middleware solutions such as RenderWare and Virtools do not provide the features for your product to stand out in today's markets, and use dated technology. Premium engines such as Doom 3, CryEngine, Source have significant costs yet only power games for today's market. By the time your new project is complete, you will be using previous generation technology, missing the vital opportunity to make that all important high-end visual impact with your game.


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