Reality Engine SDK
Reality Engine SDK is the same great engine as Reality Engine with a pricing structure is designed to accomodate developers with a more restrictive budget. Reality Engine SDK entitles you to binaries for all our tools, engine, game, and presentations, as well as full game-side C++ and C# code, to allow you to create a product without modification to the core engine systems. This license can also be used as an extended evaluation or prototype platform for the standard project license. Should you wish to upgrade to the full royalty-free license at any time, you will be credited with a discount. The license can also be used for educational purposes with a 50% discount.
  • Two binary updates per month for one year.
  • Bug fixes
  • Mailing list access is included, with guaranteed response from development team.
  • Support is provided through community support on the mailing list and the available documentation in our knowledge base.

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