Reality Engine
Reality Engine is our flagship solution to the needs of AAA-tier game developers. Reality Engine's license grants you full C++ engine source, example C++ and C# source to our game and tech demos, including demonstration media and scripts, and source to all our editing and compiling tools and utilities. We will also provide you with any media you see in our tech demos, tutorials, or game for the purposes of demonstrating artistic techniques used. This license entitles you to develop one commercial product with the engine, or any number of non-commercial limited-distribution projects.
Reality Engine Support
  • Direct access to CVS and daily code updates
  • 24-hour response time to all queries
  • Priority bug fixes and feature requests
  • Direct phone support
  • Mailing list access, frequented by our development team and other licensees.
  • One-week off-site programming on any aspect of the Reality Engine, game, or tools from our core development team.
  • Hands-on help through production, coordinating press releases, public presentations, upcoming demos, etc

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