Screenshots from Phooka Entertainment's Recall
November 2005
Recall, a third-person action-adventure edutainment title, contains expressive characters and stunning environments.

Screenshots from Prophecy Games' Under Pressure
November 2005
Under Pressure, an tense action-adventure game set in a baroque underwater cruise-liner, makes use of advanced shaders and HDR lighting.

Screenshots from Galahan Games' INCorporated
October 2005
INCorporated, a multiplayer team FPS set in a gritty, Orwellian future, makes use of Reality Engine's PhysX capabilities.

Screenshots from Boanerges Studios' Armageddon
July 2005
Armageddon contains physics-centric FPS gameplay in beautifully rendered environments.

Screenshots from Artificial Studios' Monster Madness
June 2005
Monster Madness' fast-paced action involves lots of independent animated characters on-screen at once -- most of them trying to eat your brains!

Screenshots from Flying Fish Work's Hellion
May 2005
Hellion's gory graphics look frighteningly real due to effective use of Reality's shaders & lighting.

Screenshots from Immersion Software's CellFactor
May 2005
CellFactor shows the dynamic character animation possible in Reality Engine.

Screenshots from Gameport AB's Metronome
April 2005
Metronome's surreal cityscapes and beyond are brought to life by Team Tarsier using Reality Engine.

Screenshots from DreamGazers' Dreamers
March 2005
DreamGazers created in one day this in-game environment for their title, Dreamers. The scene demonstrates PRT in a dynamic day/night cycle, HDR, and post-process FX.

Screenshots from FutureFarm Studio
February 2005
FutureFarm's warehouse uses dynamic lighting & soft shadowing, PRT, and post-process FX.

Screenshots from U-235 Studio's Retribution
January 2005
U-235 Studios had never used Reality before, and created this scene in a few short weeks.

Screenshots from Reality Engine Eval Kit Deathmatch Level
DirectX9 2004
This is a full multiplayer scene demonstrating various capabilities. As day turns to night, the entire scene's radiosity-quality lighting adjusts dynamically and accurately.

Screenshots from Reality Engine Backyard Tech Demo
DirectX9 2004
Reality was the first engine to adopt PRT and remains on the cutting edge of this powerful technology.

Screenshots from Reality Engine Haunted Mansion Tech Demo
DirectX9 2003
This demo is from 2003, long before Doom 3 and other pixel shaded games were available, and still has technology not used to date!

Screenshots from Reality Engine Cave Tech Demo
DirectX9 2003
An implementation of tone mapping for dynamic exposure control. While the demo was created in 2003, this technique is still considered on the cutting edge of rendering technology.


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