If you're skilled in any of the following fields, please e-mail with your resume, and we can schedule an interview.

We're primarily looking for employees to relocate on-site at our offices in Gainesville Florida, which was recently listed as the #1 place to live in the USA by 2007's "Cities Ranked and Rated"

Level Designers
You'll be responsible for taking your game levels from an initial written concept, deciding on the gameplay sequences, layout, and visual design. You'll then work with artists, programmers, sound designers, and visual fx technicians to take your level all the way to completion. In this position, you'll be both an artist, a designer, and a manager -- an essential team member with a leading role in the development process!

Your focus:
o Basic 3D Modeling Skill: Using 3dsmax or Maya, you'll create layouts for engaging single-player Campaign levels and multiplayer arenas.

o Design: You'll join in the design process at all stages strong creative, visual design, and problem-solving skills are a must.

o Management: You'll keep track of the artists who'll be creating your level's media, the programmers who'll implement your scripting ideas, and oversee the placement of assets as they come through the pipeline into your final environment.

o Communication: Clearly transmit your ideas to other members of the team -- including working closely with the level scripters and artists that will be your partners in the level production process.

o Reliability: Sticking to the highest quality standard, and responding quickly to constructive feedback, while meeting your deadlines.

o Unreal experience strongly recommended: If you have a history developing levels in Unreal, Unreal 2, or Unreal 3, then contact us -- we want you!

Art Producer

Your focus:
o Manage and drive the art production team to excel and meet the highest visual standards.

o Ownership of the art deliverables, responsibility to meet art content deadlines.

o Conceiving of the desired graphical benchmarks across the title, and achieving them with the art team.

o Problem-solving to overcome visual and technical challenges as they arise, working with our technical artists and programmers.

o Work with Lead Artist to transfer key concept visuals and direct their implementation into gameplay media.

o Ensure consistent technical and creative standards and requirements across a wide range of artists.

o Regular evaluation of artist performance and quality review of work output.

o Sign-off on all artistic assets to meet standards.

o Management of additional artist recruitment, hiring strategy and evaluation of new artists.

Skillset Desired:
o Fundamental understanding of next-generation 3D game art pipelines, graphics technologies, and technical requirements.

o Understanding of what makes quality game artwork come together to result in exceptional visuals in environments, characters, and props -- and how to achieve these using a team of talented artists.

o Leadership and communication skills to motivate and guide individual artists to produce their best work.

o Responsibility to manage a key aspect of the game production: the art production.

o Experience with Unreal Engine 2 or Unreal Engine 3 is a plus.

Visual FX / Lighting Designer

Your focus:
o Determining what visual FX will need to be created, for both levels and game objects. Then overseeing the production of these effects to your specifications, creating them hands-on.

o Creating 2D visual effect artwork (alpha-blended sprite textures such as smoke, fire, decals, etc), and configuring Particle Systems via UE3's Cascade tool in coordination with the game's AI programmers.

o Supervise the lighting and placement of visual FX within the game levels to create an appropriate "look", in coordination with the level designer.

Skillset Desired:
o Creative mindset to determine and implement designs for innovative visual fx systems. Whether it's a crazy explosion, smoldering debris, telekinetic power, crashing waves on a beach, or electronic force-field, your designs should be beautiful and awe-inspiring!

o Strong 2D digital texture drawing skills, through Photoshop or other tools. Conceptual knowledge about the use of textures within a particle system. Previous experience with creating Visual FX in typical 3d applications, Unreal Cascade in particular, is a plus.

o Strong communication skills to ensure that your programmer implements the effect just as you intend!

o Dedication to achieving nothing less than brilliance with the design and implementation of each of your effects.

Senior Character/Environment/Prop Artists: modelling, texturing, rigging/skinning, or animating

Your focus:
o Designing, modelling, and/or texturing beautiful lifelike human characters & costumes for a next-gen sci-fi franchise for the major consoles.


o Designing, modelling and/or texturing gothic & neo-classicial environmental architecture, futuristic architecture, and sci fi weaponry & equipment.

o Expect to work in 3DS MAX, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, and Unreal Engine 3

Skillset Desired:
o Able to meet highest quality next-generation character or prop art requirements (think Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid 4), including skills in one or of the following areas: modelling with game-ready poly counts (~15k), use of of z-brush and normal mapping from a high poly model, UVW mapping, high quality texture painting, creation of appropriate texture types for shader materials. Skinning/rigging experience is a plus.

o Exceptional talent -- we're looking for the best, brightest, and most ambitious independent artists to join us!

Concept Artists

Your focus:
o Working with the lead artist to draw & paint 2D images detailing characters, environments, events, and objects within the game. These artworks are used both to guide internal production, and sometimes for marketing purposes.

Skillset Desired:
o Strong skills in hand drawing & digital painting. Able to transform written descriptions into visual images, and good disposition towards working together with a team of artists.


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