Why License the Reality Engine?

The Reality Engine is feature competitive with the best engines available today. Reality is already being used in production by licensees, and our own groundbreaking title "Cry Havoc". You are getting a well tested platform that has already endured several years of intensive internal development required to meet the rigirous demands necessary for games and simulations. See reasons for some things that put Reality on the cutting edge.

We are currently significantly undercutting these engines in price because our technology is still in development (i.e. we haven't released our full game). If you want the opportunity to develop on a next-generation stable and powerful engine before final code completion at a significant cost reduction, and the opportunity to influence final development, now's your chance.

What's included?

You get full C++ engine source, full C++/C# source to our game framework and tech demos, including demonstration media and scripts, and source to all our editing and compiling tools and utilities. All engine source is heavily commented and of high standards. Included as part of our support package are source updates to the game, all our tech demos and presentations, engine, and tools directly available from our online CVS, updated daily.

Can we use the engine for prototype development and pay when we get funding?

No, although we do offer a lower price option that exposes the SDK only designed for developers with restricted funding.

Do you provide student or educational licenses?

We provide educational licenses at a discount rate. However, these are designed for educational instututions not individuals, and the prices reflect this.

We realize the significant effort involved in getting up to speed with a new engine and adapting it to your needs. This is why we offer our premium licensees a negotiable number of hours off-site programming from our Lead Engine Programmer.


Our pricing is extremely competitive, and fully takes into account the fact that our awesome technology has not yet acquired the track record of some of its competitors. Exact pricing and features depend on your specific needs. We also offer negotiable packages for smaller developers still looking to create cutting-edge games. Please contact us to discuss.

How Can I Evaluate?

We offer potential licensees full demonstrations and limited source. If you would like to recieve an evaluation kit or request further information, please fill out our evaluation form here.


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