Engine Comparison
Compare Reality to the engines below. Our pricing undercuts all these solutions.

  RealityEngine UnrealEngine3 Doom3 CryEngine Gamebryo 2.0
Architectured for DirectX9+ Yes Yes No No Yes
Significant Ongoing Development Yes Yes No No Yes
Realtime Radiosity (PRT) Pipeline Yes Minimal No No No
Advanced Physics Editor Yes Yes No No No
Network Level Editing Yes No No No No
Automatic Visibility Determination Yes Yes No No No
RenderMonkey & FX Composer Support Yes No No No Yes
WYSIWYG Editor + Instant Compile Yes Yes No Yes No
Dynamic Day/Night Lighting & Shadowing Yes No No No Yes
Free From BSP/CSG Limitations Yes Mixed No No Yes
Game Scripting C#, Python UnrealScript No Lua No
Soft Full-Scene Realtime Shadowing Yes No No No No
GUI Editor Yes No Yes No No

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